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Secrets to Hitting Straight Drives

"I aim for the fattest part of the fairway, because that's where you'll have the greatest chance of hitting it. Even if it means hitting a 3-wood or 3-iron, that's where I'm looking to land it. I won't try to force the issue, like a lot of amateurs do.

They say, 'Oh, I can get over that bunker.' Well, it's not going to happen. Some guys like to use an intermediate target, but I prefer to focus on where the ball is going, instead of something directly in front of me.

Let's say there's a group of five trees out in the distance and one of them has a lighter color bark ... that's my target. That way, if I don't hit the ball directly at the lighter-colored tree but keep it within that group of trees, I've still hit the fairway."

Category: Consecutive fairways hit
Tour Rank Player Best Streak
1. Craig Bowden 43
T@. John Rollins 41
T2. Darron Stiles 27
T4. Fred Funk 31
T4. Jay Williamson 31
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