Phil's 3 Quick Fixes

Phil Mickelson and Butch Harmon
Richard Heathcote/Getty Images
In just a few weeks the swing adjustments taught to Phil Mickelson by his new coach, Butch Harmon, have paid off in a Players Championship title.

It didn't take long for Butch Harmon to tweak Phil Mickelson's swing back into championship form. And though they're both mum on the subject of what specifically they've worked on, it's obvious that three changes to his setup have made Lefty's swing tighter, more balanced and easier to control.

Sources inside Phil's camp report that the once-slumping-now-hottest-player-on-Tour Mickelson is surprised at how rapidly Harmon's fixes have taken effect. He shouldn't be—the address position is the most-powerful segment of the swing. Changes here have an immediate impact on whatever that follows. It doesn't matter if you're a 16-handicap with a chronic slice or a three-time major winner with a monkey off his back.

Fix 1: Square left foot
Check out Mickelson's alignment—both feet are square to his target line. Photos of him at last year's U.S. Open show Phil with an open stance, and he'd been known to flare open his back foot, a move that decreased the resistance in his left hip and allowed him to take the club back farther and with more hip rotation. The square left foot seen at the Players Championship acts like a stop sign, restricting his turn and keeping his weight within his hips rather than outside, so there's less need to slide forward on the downswing.



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