Dave Pelz: The Right Speed For Your Putt
Dave Pelz: Get The Right Speed For Your Putt
Golf Magazine's technical and short-game consultant Dave Pelz says that reading the break is only one part of putting. Without the proper speed, your reads won’t matter. In this video, Dave shows you how to get your speed right every time. Watch The Video»

Improve Your Game

Vary Your Bounce
Vary Your Bounce
Golf Magazine short game guru Dave Pelz says that you can make your wedges, and your game, more versatile with the right mix of bounce angles

Play Smart Golf

Tee Box Placement
Tee Box Placement
Why shouldn't you tee it up in the center of every tee box? Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Dave Pelz explains.

More Tips From Pelz

Make More Short Putts
Make More Short Putts
Need help with short putts? Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and Short Game Guru Dave Pelz has a drill that will help you drain those knee-knockers.
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