Angus Murray
Thursday, August 20, 2009

Issue: March 2007
Instructor: Bruce Hamilton
Demonstrated by Top 100 Teacher Tim Mahoney

The Tip

Get into your golf posture, and without moving your hips, bring your right arm up like you're holding a serving tray. Try to hold the tray as far behind your right ear as possible — but don't force it. Now, with your left hand, bring the club into your right hand. That's your natural backswing turn. Stopping here eliminates 70 percent of the swing errors that lead to errant shots.

Why It Works

Ending your backswing at its natural limit is the key to consistency. When you start turning more than your body will allow, you have little chance of making solid contact. The point where you go from just right to too much is when you reach instead of stretch. You'll feel it most in your right lat: it'll go from taut to loose.

The Top 100 Says

"This tip hits a home run by providing you with a specific right-arm position to help you match your backswing to your flexibility. That alone will keep you from changing the radius of your swing, rising up and losing your balance." — Ed Ibarguen

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