Angus Murray
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Issue: October 2004
Instructor: Eric Alpenfels

The Tip

After taking your normal address position, set your feet together and make swings without losing your balance.

Why It Works

This drill boosts distance by improving the quality of impact. It also helps you avoid an out-to-in swing path, since it's hard to swing out-to-in from this position without falling over. We tested this drill with 117 golfers, and it gave test subjects an average of 13 yards extra carry — with a 6-iron!

The Top 100 Says

"If you need a drill to make your practice time real learning time, use this one. Swinging with your feet together allows you to feel how important knee and foot action are to your swing, and to get a sense of the proper hinging and unhinging action of your wrists. A solid swing is all about rhythm and flow and using momentum — not an all-out arms-and-hand swing — to generate effortless speed." — Ted Sheftic

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