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The New Way to Putt: Look at the Hole

How to Work Looking at the Hole into Your Game

The trick is to genuinely believe that looking at the hole is going to make you a better putter. Nothing inspires belief like results, so here's a two-week plan for success.

  • Days 1-5:
  • Before your next few rounds, hit five or 10 putts on the practice green while looking at the hole. This will start convincing your brain that you won't whiff.

  • Days 6-7:
  • Hit 50 putts to holes at various distances on a practice green. (If your back won't let you do them all at once, pace yourself.) After a while, you'll see that your leaves are getting closer, especially from long range.

  • Day 8-13:
  • Before your round, pick three holes where you will putt while looking at the cup. Have faith - if you've practiced, you're not going to whiff.

  • Day 14:
  • Play a complete round without looking at the ball while putting.
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