Make a Good Downswing

Photo: Bob Atkins
THE MOMENT: The start of the downswing is the single biggest moment when things go wrong. If the sequence of movements gets out of order, the ball could go anywhere.

The Key: The momentum you had in your backswing is going to switch directions, so you require a brace to fluidly turn the backward movement into the downward movement. As your club reaches the top, start your transition by flexing your left hip and thigh muscles to create a solid post you can turn against as you bring the club back down.

THE SWING: Once your left-leg brace is set, it's time to pivot. Follow this sequence:
• Turn your left hip toward your target
• Drop your hands and arms downward without losing the hinge in your wrists
• Turn your shoulders only in response to your hip pivot and hand movement

The important thing to remember is that your shoulders move last. This allows you to save all of the energy that you built up in your backswing for impact, and, more importantly, to keep your club on plane.

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