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The Instant Power Move

The best players already make the Magic Move, says Top 100 Teacher Martin Hall

Adam Scott
A.J. makes a lot of sense when he debunks the myth that the clubhead stays square through impact. That's gibberish! Look at Adam Scott. His face is wide open about two feet before contact, and dramatically closed two feet after. That's a huge rotation of the face through impact.
Tiger Woods
Here's a great look at Tiger. He's about three feet past impact, yet his toe is pointing at the target-tht's 90 degrees closed!-and his hands have fully rotated.

Jim Furyk
Scott and Woods aren't the only ones who swing this way-all the pros get this rotation. Look at how Jim Furyk keeps his face open until the last moment, then turns it over. Good players do this without thinking. Others need to make it happen. A.J. helps them do that.

Martin Hall is director of instruction at Ibis Golf & Country Club in West Palm Beach, FL.

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