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Hunter Mahan: 6 Easy Ways to Crush It Down the Fairway

Hunter Mahan, Driving Tip 6
Angus Murray
Good swings are made in balance. Always.

Watch me on the practice tee and you'll notice that I hit balls using a very slow driver swing to start my warmup. This lets me feel every part of my backswing and every part of my downswing so I can make sure everything is moving correctly. It also allows me to finish my swing in perfect balance, which is something that's missing from the weekend player's game. Not only do most amateurs lack balance, many have a hard time just standing up! That's no way to finish a swing.

It's a tough pill to swallow, I know, but you must learn how to swing in balance before setting any expectations for your game. Hit balls with a slow-mo swing like I do the next time you visit the range. Don't swing faster than, say, 50 percent. You'll be surprised at what you can feel -- and fix -- compared with when you go full throttle. As soon as you can stand still while holding your finish position, add more speed and keep adding speed until you reach your maximum. A balanced, Tour-style finish will come more quickly than you think, I promise. So will the yards and accuracy that have been missing from your driving game.


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