Hunter Mahan: 6 Easy Ways to Crush It Down the Fairway

Hunter Mahan, Driving Tip 3
Angus Murray
Keep your shoulders low for a power strike.

The most frequently asked question I hear from amateurs is, "How do I start my downswing?" I appreciate their confusion, because I see how out of control they can be at the top of the backswing, and you can't start a downswing if you don't know where your backswing ends. The moves on the previous two pages should take care of your backswing-control issues. As far as finding a trigger to jumpstart your motion back to the ball, try turning your right shoulder down instead of across.

Because your upper body is tilted at address, your shoulders turn at an angle, so much so that, at the top, your right shoulder is noticeably higher than your left. Your downswing is nothing more than reversing the arrangement and getting your left shoulder higher than your right at impact. I like the feeling of turning my right shoulder down toward the ball because it helps me stay in the shot. The more you stay down on the ball, the less you'll rise up, a common error that produces too much of an outside-in swing path -- the move that puts your tee shots in the right rough.

Don't worry about moving your hips or unfolding your right elbow or dropping the club in the "slot." These things take care of themselves when you swing your right shoulder down.

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