Hunter Mahan: 6 Easy Ways to Crush It Down the Fairway

Hunter Mahan, Driving Tip 2
Angus Murray
Big hitters "crouch and load" without turning off the ball.

The only tangible feeling I want at the top is my right thigh bearing all the pressure of my motion. If I make the ideal slow-and-solid backswing, my right thigh will feel so tight at the top that I could literally jump several feet to the left just by pushing off my right foot. The more intense the feeling in your right thigh, the better. That pressure is swing power!

As you move the club to the top, picture your right leg as a wet rag. Turn into your right side while keeping flex in your right knee and "wring" the water out of the rag. Do it right and you'll notice that you instinctively crouch down with your hips, increasing the number of wrinkles above your right front pants pocket.

You don't have to move six inches to the right of the ball, like some instructors teach, to attain this loaded power. Just make a solid, deliberate turn. This is the most important of the six moves, because if your weight isn't in your right leg, then it's in your left, and that's a bad position to be in at the top -- you'll fall back during your downswing and drain all the power out of your motion.

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