See below for Jessica Korda's tips for hitting hybrids.
David Walberg
By LPGA Tour Pro Jessica Korda
Thursday, October 06, 2016

Odds are, you carry at least one hybrid in your bag. Mine goes 205 yards -- it's a high-flying lifesaver when I'm stuck between 3-wood and my longest iron. Manufacturers market hybrids as versatile and easy to hit, but they don't swing themselves. You need to make some critical adjustments -- if you swing them steeply like you do your irons, you won't get maximum distance. And if you try to swing "up" through contact, as you would with a driver, you'll skull it. I go for a happy medium: a sweeping motion through impact that takes just a little dirt, like I'm catching an iron a bit on the thin side.

Here's how to groove the right feel. At the range, tee the ball just barely above the turf. And I mean barely. Your goal? Hit the ball without hitting the tee. It helps to stand taller through impact. I like to feel as though my chest is the same distance from the ball both at address and when I strike it, with my weight slightly favoring my front foot. Use this sweeping motion and almost any green is within range.

KORDA'S ORDERS: Don't dip or lift your chest when swinging a hybrid. Your reward: A pin-seeking approach from way downtown.
David Walberg

Jessica Korda has grabbed four wins and $2.7 million in earnings on the LPGA Tour.

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