Bob Atkins
By Brady Riggs
Monday, February 04, 2008

This sotry is for you if...

\n• You're uneasy when the ball rests against the rough near the green
\n• You're not sure which club to use
\n• You're not sure which type of stroke to make

The Situation
\nYour ball is sitting where the rough and the fringe meet. The lack of grass under the ball means you have no cushion, while the heavy grass behind the ball makes solid contact nearly impossible.

The Solution
\nWhile the term "bladed wedge" may send shivers down your spine, it's the perfect shot for this lie. The shorter length of your wedge gives you more control than if you tried to chip the ball with your hybrid, and its sharper leading edge slides through the heavy grass much easier than your putter.

How to blade it close
\nUse your pitching wedge, which has the straightest leading edge of all your wedges. Grip it like you would your putter and address the ball like you're setting up for a putt. Align the leading edge with the equator of the ball without grounding the club and make your normal putting stroke. Your goal is to strike the ball on its equator with the leading edge. Keep your body still — this is an arms-only shot. The ball will bounce first but roll smooth after a few feet.

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