How to Make More Birdies

How I birdied the 13th hole on Sunday
My birdie at Augusta's 13th hole on Sunday really got me going. Like all the other par 5s that week, I laid up. Here's what I did:

Tee shot: Driver
SHOT 1 Hit an OK driver off the tee that left me 203 yards to the front edge and 220 to the hole. Depending on the wind, that carry distance would typically call for my 3-, 4- or 5-iron.

SHOT 2 Punched a 7-iron to my pre-determined distance of 75 yards to the hole. Where I played it to was key because of the way Rae's Creek snakes around the green. In theory, I could have played the ball to pin high or even beyond the pin and still been in the fairway. However, I wanted to create the maximum amount of room between the edge of the green and the pin, so I left the ball at an angle that gave me 10 paces to work with and the backboard behind the hole. Had I played the ball to pin high, I would have had only five paces to work with.

Wedge shot
SHOT 3 Played a controlled, low, spinning, 3/4 lob wedge tight and made the putt.

Zach in a flash
Age: 31
Height/weight: 5'11"/160 lbs.
Birthplace: Iowa City, Iowa
Residence: Stanford, Fla.
Family: Wife, Kim; infant son, Will
College: Drake University (1998)
Turned pro:: 1998
World Ranking: 15th
PGA Tour wins: 2 (2004 BellSouth Classic; 2007 Masters)
PGA Tour career earnings: $8,575,177
Cool stat: Johnson's 75.62 driving accuracy percentage is third best on Tour.
Hobbies: Movies, skiing, University of Iowa athletics

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