You know you've done it right if you can look back and tell the time on your watch when your hands reach shoulder height.
Monte Isom
By Peter Krause
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This story is for you if...

• Your typical shot is a slice

• Your swing feels up and down, rather than on an arc

• You have difficulty making solid contact at impact

Check This!

While wearing a wristwatch, start your swing and then stop it when your hands reach shoulder height. Look back and see if you can tell the time on your watch.

What You're Looking For

Proper forearm rotation. If you can't see the face of your watch, you've taken the club up on too steep a plane. That can lead to a slice.

How to Stay on Plane

Instead of taking the club straight up, swing it around your body in an arc, like a satellite in orbit. That doesn't mean whipping the club to the inside with your arms. Rotate your left forearm as you swing your arms up in front of your chest. Now you can attack the ball on an inside-out path — the key to pure shots.

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