Monday, March 12, 2007
The Situation

From the 10th tee at Pebble beach any ball that drifts right is headed for the beach or the deep blue sea. To make things worse, the fairway slopes toward the ocean. There's a large fairway bunker in the left center of the fairway, but it's farther out than it looks. Most players can't reach it.

Your Fear

You regularly slice the ball or lose your tee shots to the right.

The Thing That'll Save You Short Term

The Permanent Fix

Learn how to draw the ball. If you slice often, you control the clubhead with your shoulders and forget that you should square the clubface by rotating your right forearm over your left. When you start down with your shoulders instead of your arms it throws the club onto a steep out-to-in path and leaves the face open at impact.
Two tips to increase your forearm rotation

To turn the clubhead over and hit a draw, you must rotate the back of your left hand down (toward the ground) through impact. Now hold your driver with only the middle finger, index finger and thumb of your right hand.

The Drill

How to train for rotation

Grab your left tricep with your right hand and make a couple of practice swings with your left arm only. This will quiet your shoulders. Your emphasis should be on the rotation of your lower arm, below the elbow joint. Just by rotating your left forearm, wrist and hand, you will move the clubhead several feet back and through and generate an awful lot of clubhead speed.

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