Performance Center: How to Hit Low Stingers Off the Tee

Show-Off Shot: Stinger Off the Tee
When the wind picks up, sometimes driver isn't the answer. GOLF Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs shows you how to hit a 3-wood stinger that will cheat the wind and roll for miles.

On those days when your driver is as reliable as a Yugo, opt for a stinger. This low, boring fairway finder yields ample distance. Grab a long iron, hybrid or 3-wood and copy the positions in the photo below. The stinger isn't just for tight holes or windy days. It's a secret weapon for finding the short grass and hitting a lot more greens.


Set up a half-step nearer the ball. It will feel different—like your chest is hanging over the impact zone—but trust it. Narrowing the distance between you and the ball promotes a steeper downswing, leading to crisp, ball-first contact that puts the "sting" in your stinger.


Take your normal grip, but place your hands just a few inches above the steel. This makes the clubhead feel lighter while effectively stiffening the shaft. Light and stiff equals solid and straight!


Your feet should be this far apart. Set them just outside your hips, and shuffle your stance until the ball is an inch back of center. This ball position helps ensure the "trapping" sensation you want at impact.


Take a hard grip with your right hand; pinch your thumb and index finger tight against the handle. Use normal grip pressure with your left hand. This old-school combo helps you control the face for laser-straight shots.



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