Private Lessons: Fix Your Slice By Jumpstarting Your Hips

Photo: Graham Gaches

To change an in-to-out swing path to a draw-producing out-to-in move, preset your right hip: Move your right pocket slightly behind you at address.

If you're slicing the ball with alarming regularity, an out-to-in swing path is likely to blame. One easy fix? Take your normal address position—with the clubface pointing at your target and your body parallel to the target line—and turn your right hip pocket behind you so that your belt line points slightly right of your target. Keep the rest of your body parallel to the target as you preset your right hip.

This adjustment promotes a slightly inside takeaway and makes it easier to rotate your shoulders and hips, two moves that help you swing from the inside. It also reminds you to rotate your body (instead of just lifting your arms) at the start. Being coiled at the top makes it easier to swing in-to-out and make solid, slice-free contact.

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