Get Your Round Back on Track

Groove it

To play good golf, you need to find your inner rhythm

There are a lot of distractions on the golf course. Some, like the slow group in front of you, are external, while others are strictly in your head. In either case, you can take steps to keep your rhythm flowing smoothly from shot to shot.

Learn how to breathe
Slow, deep breaths that originate in your diaphragm (the top of your abdomen) take in concentrationfriendly, muscle-relaxing oxygen.

Count your steps
The act of counting steps serves as an internal metronome that will even out your rhythm as you play.

Visualize the course
Take some time before your round to visualize exactly how you'd like to play each hole. If you're playing the course for the first time, take a second before each shot to visualize the path you'd like the ball to take. But keep it brief--slow play can affect someone else's rhythm.

Watch the group ahead
After a few holes, you should have a pretty good idea about who takes how long to do what. Once you know this, you'll be able to address your ball without having to stand over it or constantly step away.

Stretch during your round
Think about how much time you spend standing around during a round. Using just a quarter of that time to lightly stretch your shoulders, rotator cuffs and hamstrings will do wonders for your ability to relax over each shot.

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