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Four big leaguers show how baseball skills translate into big drives and low scores

Baseball, April 2010
Angus Murray
From left to right: Paul O'Neill, Mike Piazza, Ken Griffey Jr. and John Smoltz.

Mariners, Reds, White Sox
MLB seasons: 21 (and counting)
Career numbers: .285 avg., 630 home runs, 2,762 hits
All-Star teams: 13
Handicap: 8
Golf talk: "I didn't start playing golf until '94, when the strike cut the season short. Never having played as a kid definitely makes it a challenge."

Extend to Go Deep
The Fault
Baseball and golf have a lot of things in common, including the fact that players in both games love hitting for power. However, in both sports, trying to do so strictly with muscle strength doesn't work very well. In fact, I see a lot of guys in both baseball and golf struggle when they try to swing with tight arms.

The Fix
My key to going deep on the course is to take a long, low backswing that lets me get both arms fully extended. Folding your arms too early in the backswing is a mistake. If you want more power, think about achieving full extension on both sides of the ball. If your arms are tense in either place you'll lose speed and power.

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