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Dave Pelz's Fast New Ways to Lower Your Handicap

Dave Pelz New Research
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We measured amateurs like ShotLink measures Tour professionals.

My New Research


What did it take to pull off the first-ever ShotLink analysis of amateur golfers? Lots of lasers and computers, plentiful staff and a lot of hard work

The Study

Amateurs were grouped into the four categories of scratch 0 (0 to 5), 10 (5.1 to 15), 20 (15.1 to 25), and 30 (25.1 to 35) handicappers. ShotLink fairway lasers were used to measure where tee and fairway shots started and stopped, up to within 30 yards of each green. From inside 30 yards, greenside lasers measured each shot's location and progression into the cup. Foursomes were identified by number, with each player further identified by a colored ribbon tied to the back of his belt.

Why We Did It

We hope this data will help you understand where and how much your game can improve, and make both your future lessons and practice more valuable and productive. In my upcoming Golf Magazine articles you'll also see details of amateurs versus the pros in approach shots, scrambling, losing shots to par, and in one-, two-, and three-putting. These stats won't just be interesting: they will provide you with the metric to show what you need to do to move from where your game is now to the next level. (From 30 handicap to 20; 20 to 10; 10 to 0; or from 0 to the Tour.)


Number of golfers tested: 314
Number of swings measured: 7,278

Amateur Testing

• Pelz Golf Institute Staff: 10 on site
• PGA Tour ShotLink Staff: 6 on site

PGA Tour Testing

• PGA Tour ShotLink Staff: 15 (plus mobile-van and electronics)
• Volunteers each tournament: 300 (more than 10,000 each year)

Laser Measurement Accuracy

• Fairway laser: plus/minus 1 centimeter
• Greenside laser: plus/minus 1 centimeter
• Fairway measurement: plus/minus 27 inches
• Greenside measurement: plus/minus 2 inches

Dave Pelz shot on location at Escondido Golf Club in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, and Calabasas Country Club in Calabasas, Calif.

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