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Jason Raish
Wednesday, January 04, 2012

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Rules Rep: After hitting my drive into the rough, I walloped my second shot and lost my ball out of bounds. Or at least I thought it was my ball. After dropping (taking stroke and distance) and hitting my next shot into the green, I found my real ball just a few yards ahead. I finished out with my original ball, but neither I nor my opponent had any idea how to score the hole. What should I have done?
-- Kellen Fein, Astoria, N.Y.

Hey Rules Guy: My temperamental friend took a big hack in a fairway bunker and moved his ball all of about 3 feet, still in the bunker. Disgusted, he slammed his club into the sand. Looking to kick him when he was down, I informed my buddy that he had to take a penalty for touching the bunker with his club. He claimed that since he had already taken a stroke in it, he could no longer "test" the bunker's condition. Was he right?
-- Howard Steller, Washington, D.C.

If your buddy keeps up his angry antics it's going to cost him a lot of friends and a lot of strokes. Decision 13-4/35 reinforces your argument that your friend's action was in violation of the rule prohibiting players from touching the bunker with their clubs (Rule 13-4b), even though he had already played a ball in that trap. You should gently tell him that his temper tantrum cost him two strokes or the loss of the hole in match play. And if he's got a club in his hand, maybe you should tell him over the phone.

Rules Guy: While hitting a ball out of a bunker, I hit it a second time with my club on the follow-through. What's the correct ruling?
-- Duane F. Pruett, via Facebook

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