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Irons: Eliminate Your Slice for Good
Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Many of you chronic slicers get too handsy with your takeaway. When your first move is to whip the club back from address, your forearms and wrists rotate immediately out of the chute. Here's a check: If your right palm is facing skyward halfway through your backswing, so is your clubface. This means that the clubhead is outracing your upper body, and you're going to end up slapping weakly at the ball. Fore, right!

Quick-whipping your hands is the fastest way to weak shots and more sidespin.

Angus Murray


Instead of rolling your wrists right off the bat, focus on using your chest and arms to start the swing. You've got it right if, when you stop your swing halfway through your backswing, your right palm faces toward the ground, just like the clubface (and your spine!). This rock-solid position helps you control the clubface better while also giving you time to rotate your upper body even farther back into a power-charged coil.

When you do it right, your club-face and right-wrist angles should be very close to the angle of your spine.

Angus Murray

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