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Stop Your Chop
By Edited by David DeNunzio
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

[Written by John Dunigan, White Manor C.C., Malvern, Pa.]

Two things happen when your swing is too steep: 1) you create too much spin (goodbye, distance) and you hit the ball too low (hello, worm-burner). You also risk popping out to center.

Turn that chop into an uppercut — and add yards — with this simple drill. Grab a sleeve of balls from your bag. Place the box about 10 inches in front of your teed-up ball (dump the balls out first, fella). Your goal: Miss the box. Once you're consistently clearing it, you'll know your driver is ascending into impact. Bombs away!

YES! Think "low to high" as you approach impact. You'll miss the box and crush your drives.
Angus Murray
NO! If you strike the box, you're too steep through impact. Your drives will suffer.
Angus Murray

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