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Flop Shot Basics
By Kevin Sprecher
Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Here's a simple shot to help you get up and down. Change your pitch trajectory—and knock it tight—with a few simple setup tweaks.

Stand closer to the ball with your hands high for a flatter stroke, the secret to a low flight (photo 1). And, think "low hands" when hitting a high pitch, and allow your wrists to hinge (photo 2).

PC simple shot 1

Nils Ericson

PC simple shot 2

Nils Ericson

Let it run when...

…there's nothing standing between you and the pin, or the lie is extra-tight. Here's how to hit a low shot that "runs" to the hole:

Stance: Feet close together.
Ball position: Middle, with your weight over your front foot.
Posture: Tall. Stand closer to the ball (photo above). You should feel like your hands sit "high."
Swing: With your hands high, it's harder to hinge. That's good. Now hit this shot like a putt.

PC simple shot 3

No hinge, "brush" stroke.
Nils Ericson

Let it fly when...

…there's an obstacle in your path or the ball sits in deep rough. Here's how to hit it high and carry it all the way to the hole:

Stance: Feet under hips.
Ball position: Forward, with your weight over your front foot.
Posture: More bent over. Stand farther away from the ball with "low" hands.
Swing: Low hands promote hinge, creating a descending blow and extra loft at impact.

PC simple shot 4

More hinge for more loft.
Nils Ericson

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