10 ways to save 6 strokes

10 Ways to Save Par with Tim Mahoney
Fred Vuich

No matter who you are you're going to hit bad shots in every round. The key to turning poor rounds into good ones (and good ones into great ones) is to not hit the same bad shot more than once. Since bad shots always come in groups, you can save loads of strokes by stopping a negative trend before it builds momentum. And once you know how to quick-fix your game on the course, you can copy the techniques of the world's best player, Tiger Woods, to make sure it stays fixed. Here are the 10 most common round-wrecking shots and how to make sure you don't repeat them.

Start saving strokes now!

I can't believe I just ...

Popped up my tee shot | PLAY THE VIDEO
Dead pulled my drive | PLAY THE VIDEO
Hit a wicked slice/hook | PLAY THE VIDEO
Hit that long iron super thin | PLAY THE VIDEO
Hit a short iron short and right
Topped a fairway wood | PLAY THE VIDEO
Hit that bunker shot fat
Flubbed that flop shot
Bladed that chip shot
Shanked that chip

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