Byron Nelson Championship
Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Byron Nelson Championship Credit: Getty Images

Consider the shot jarred by Dallas native Case Cochran
“I was frustrated but at the same time I said, 'Let’s just hit a good one here,'” Cochran said. “Chris (Parra) hit first. The wind got his and he came up short in the middle of the green. The pin was back over the ridge and I couldn’t see it from the tee. I punched it under the wind and it looked like it landed in front of the pin, but we couldn’t see it. There were about 15 people on the tee watching us and that’s it. On the green, there was no reaction because there was nobody there. As I’m walking up, I’m still in grind mode thinking about making a good stroke and a good putt. I walk up and there’s no ball and ball mark five feet in front of the hole.”

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