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Johnny Miller Says 17th hole at Sawgrass Is Too Easy, Should Be Longer

Johnny Miller at the 2011 Players Championship (Getty Images). Johnny Miller at the 2011 Players Championship (Getty Images).

He’s one of golf’s most opinionated announcers.
It’s one of golf’s most recognizable holes.
Not surprisingly, Johnny Miller has some thoughts on the par-3 17th at Sawgrass.
He thinks it should be lengthened, with a new tee as an option in case there is no wind.
“If I owned the golf course,” Miller said Monday in the run-up to Players Championship this weekend. “I would definitely have a back tee on 17 and another 20 yards, anyway, if there’s no wind, no projected wind.”
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Without protective gusts, Miller said, the fabled island hole, which measures 137 yards, is “too short” for the world’s top players.
“I would like to see the guys at least hit an 8-iron, maybe even a 7-iron. I just think it would be just a more exciting hole than throwing up a 9-iron or wedge up there.”
His comment came in response to a question about the prospect of lengthening Sawgrass, an idea that has circulated in Tour circles of late.
A new 17th tee aside, Miller said, “I don’t know where you really need more distance to be honest with you. I would like to see 17 have more options.” For a little extra fright, Miller also suggested creating a new back-left tee on the 18th hole to create a diagonal tee shot akin to the sixth hole at Bay Hill.
“Take that tee way over to the left and that would be a fantastic tee shot,” Miller said.
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by Marika Washchyshyn
by Marika Washchyshyn