Hank Haney, Tiger Woods
Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hank Haney, Tiger Woods Hank Haney and Tiger Woods at the 2009 PGA Championship. (Getty Images)

Tiger Woods will miss the Masters

"People just obviously point to the golf swing and that’s what they want to blame it on. But when I look at his swing, the violence [of the swing] I understand, but having said that you also have to look at everything else you’re doing, too. I mean, how much of a toll did parachute jumping with the Navy Seals take on it long term? And the other things that he’s done and, like you said, all the work that he does in the gym. So is it just the golf swing or is it everything that he’s doing along with that? And there’s no way to tell, there’s really no way to tell.”

“I think the biggest issue long term is just Tiger’s desire,” Haney said. “I don’t think it is the injuries. I know everybody will say it is the injuries, but I just don’t think that’s it. I think the biggest issue is going to be his desire. He didn’t do anything from December through February this year and that was very unusual. And I think it is just a question of how much is he going to practice, how hard is he going to work? And then again, is he going to be able to? Is his body going to allow him to practice and work at it like he used to? And I think going forward that’s the biggest issue.”
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