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Tough Backside: Model Sues Playboy, Alleging She Was Struck in Buttocks with a Golf Club

Kendra Wilkinson Playmate Kendra Wilkinson (right) attends a Playboy golf event in 2007, presumably from which no lawsuits arose. (Getty Images)

It was a Playboy golf event, so perhaps it’s not surprising that the problems came when they hit the backside.
Too bad the backside belonged to a model named Elizabeth Dickson. Now she’s suing Playboy Enterprises and a co-host of the event, who, Dickson claims, struck her on the buttocks with a golf club.
Here's TMZ's video of the incident:
As compensation, Dickson is seeking $500,000 plus punitive damages through a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging negligence and battery.
According to the complaint, the incident took place on March, 2012 at the Playboy Golf Finals at the Industry Hills Golf Club. Dickson was on hand to help Playboy Playmates host.
In what sounds like an R-rated John Daly moment, Dickson agreed to have a photo snapped of her lying belly-down “with her buttocks partially exposed,” a tee inserted between her cheeks and a ball atop it, ready for co-host Kevin Klein take a whack.
Wouldn’t you know it? Klein whiffed and, the suit alleges, wound up striking Dickson instead.
According to the suit, Dickson endured pain, suffering, worrying and anxiety as a result of her injuries.
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by Marika Washchyshyn
by Marika Washchyshyn