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Tiger Woods Impersonator Arrested for Alleged Sexting Harrassment

Tiger Woods impersonator Cahn Oxelson in 2010 (AP Photo). Tiger Woods impersonator Cahn Oxelson in 2010 (AP Photo).

Tiger Woods has recovered from his scandals, reclaiming his No. 1 ranking in the world and finding a stable relationship with skier Lindsay Vonn, but things haven’t worked out so well for one of his impersonators.
According to the New York Post, Tiger Woods impersonator Canh Oxelson was arrested for allegedly threating to send naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend to her bosses.
The head of college counseling at the elite Horace Mann School is a Tiger Woods-impersonating bully who threatened to use his powerful connections to ruin a Manhattan hospital nurse after she dumped him, sources told The Post.
Canh Oxelson, 42 — a Harvard grad who for more than a decade made a living off his uncanny resemblance to the serial-philandering golf champ — was arrested last week at his Upper West Side apartment after he allegedly threatened to send naked pictures of Minochy Delanois, 28, his girlfriend of six months, to her bosses at NYU Langone Medical Center.

The Post adds that Oxelson’s impersonation business took a hit during the real Tiger’s scandals.
At the height of his Woods-impersonating career, Oxelson even earned a nod as the subject of a Trivial Pursuit question.
“Who does Canh Oxelson charge as much as $3,000 to impersonate at corporate golf outings?” the board game added to its 2003 Genus edition.
But when Woods’ sex scandal broke in 2009, Oxelson saw his look-alike career take a nose dive. He lost bookings and a couple of promising commercial offers, headed East and in 2011 was hired by Horace Mann.

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by Marika Washchyshyn
by Marika Washchyshyn