Extra, Extra!! Tiger Picks Broncos, Has Never Played Pine Valley

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning play together in the Quail Hollow pro-am in April 2009 (AP Photo). Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning play together in the Quail Hollow pro-am in April 2009 (AP Photo).

Blood-from-a-stone press conferences with Tiger Woods rarely yield many juicy tidbits.
But we might as well squeeze them for what they’re worth.
Perched before a microphone yesterday in the run-up to this week’s Dubai Desert Classic, Woods faced questions of varied seriousness from the media and fielded them in familiar style.
Not surprisingly, inquiring minds wanted to know about his state of mind following his poor showing at the Farmers Insurance Open this past week at Torrey Pines, where he stumbled to a cut-missing 79 on Saturday.
Even less surprisingly, Woods passed up the chance to give long, Homeric answers in favor of Twitter-sized replies.
Was that lousy round easy to put behind him?
“Yeah, I’m here,” Woods said.
Did he have any concerns going forward?
Pregnant pause.
And then: “As I said, I practiced Monday and I was better Tuesday than I was on Monday, and better on Wednesday than I was on Tuesday. And hopefully tomorrow that trend continues.”
By press conference standards, there was some news. Asked if he had any bucket-list courses, Woods let this be known: the world’s top-ranked player has never played the world’s top-ranked track.
Someday, he said, he’d like to finally get a crack at Pine Valley.
“The thing is, I hate playing golf on my vacation days. I’d much rather be home with my kids than doing that.”
“To play some of these great venues around the world, it would be great and all,” Woods added. “But just not right now.”
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In the shorter term, there was the Super Bowl to think of.
Woods pointed to the Broncos as his pick, in allegiance with his buddy Peyton Manning.
“I’m good friends with Peyton,” Woods said.
“Let’s be honest, he got scrutinized pretty hard after he left Indy that he would never be the same after his neck surgery and yeah, you’re right. He’s better. And that’s cool to see. That’s cool to see the hard work he put in and to shut everybody up.”
Shut everybody up.
Think that’s something Woods would like to do himself?
Here's Tiger's press conference. He speaks about Pine Valley at the 12:30 mark and the Super Bowl at 13:47:

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