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Lessons From Chambers Bay: Best Seat in the House

Tiger Woods: No Matter How Bad, Quitting is Not an Option
How does someone like Tiger Woods go from being so good to being so bad? GOLF Magazine Associate Editor Jessica Marksbury posits that Tiger has room for improvement, because things can't get much worse.

For ticket-buying spectators who waded into the dunes, the Chambers Bay Open was a drag. They faced obstructed views, severe slopes and expansive areas that could not be accessed, including the entire eighth hole. Such a shame.

They were looking in the wrong spot.

On a bright afternoon I stumbled upon an open lawn between the souvenir shop and the first fairway dubbed Spectators Square. It had a sweeping view of Puget Sound and an impressive row of food and beverage tents. Hungry fans lined up 10 deep. A joint called Seafood Shack peddled shrimp hoagies for $9. Two booths down, Ruth’s Chris offered steak sandwiches for $15 and plastic cups of local IPA for seven. In the name of journalism, I purchased one of each.


I strolled across the grass and sat at a wood picnic table with a gleaming lacquer finish. A large video screen showed the Open television broadcast at low volume. I ate the sandwich and sipped the beer and watched a train roll down the rails, the same set of tracks that flank the golf course. Who needs a golf course?

All around, happy Washingtonians enjoyed the day. The sound sparkled in the sun. A friendly couple eventually sat down and offered to buy me another IPA. In the name of journalism, I declined. My judgment would be virtuous and clear. My judgment would be that this was as good as it got all week.

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