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On the Road With Davis Love III

Photo: Sam Greenwood

Davis Love III poses for a portrait during the 2016 Hyundai Tournament of Champions Pro-Am at the Plantation Course at Kapalua Golf Club.

I drove a regular RV on Tour for more than 10 years, but ended up with a Prevost Motorhome, like the NASCAR guys have. Now that I'm headed to the Champions Tour, my wife, Robin, and I are going to figure out a way to do it again.

I loved traveling in the motorhome because I had my stuff—my bed, my pillow, TV, my BBQ grill, my smoker. If it was turkey season, I'd have my turkey-hunting gear. I had a motorcycle along, too.

The item I never travel without is a sleep machine. Now it's all digital, on an iPad, but way back when, it was a little box that you plugged in, a sound machine that put out white noise.

My least favorite road trip was going from the Barclays to the Deutsche Bank. It wasn't that long a drive, but it was always traffic, toll roads, toll booths and big bridges, going from New York to Boston. That was a tough one in a 45-foot-long, 12-foot-high motorhome.

If I were to take a golf buddies road trip, I would take my son Dru Love along as a partner. I would take Fred Couples and Mike Hulbert for the entertainment factor, and we would go to Seminole [Juno Beach, Fla.], because Dru hasn't played there yet, and Dru and I could handle those guys on that course.

My favorite car, ever, is a tan 2005 Diesel Ford Excursion. It's the one car—truck—I would never sell. Right now, it lives in Idaho. A gigantic fire threatened Sun Valley a few years ago, and the whole town was evacuated. I was away and my house manager called and asked, "What do you want me to get out of the house? Paintings? Family pictures?" I said, "No, there's a bamboo fly rod and my Ford Excursion. The rest of it can burn down. Get those two out!"

Davis Love III Starts Ryder Cup Prep
U.S. Ryder Cup team captain Davis Love III is already starting preparations for the 2016 Ryder Cup, eight months ahead of the event.


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