The new golf car from Mercedes-Benz and Garia won't be available for purchase until next year.
Courtesy of Daimler
By Jessica Marksbury
Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Next on the tee: the Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car.

Making its public debut at Royal Troon’s Spectator Village, the so-called “real sports car” is the result of a partnership between the Mercedes-Benz Style label and golf cart manufacturer Garia, which solicited the public to submit design ideas for the "golf cart of the future" back in 2013.

The prototype on display this week is a golf-cart (and car) aficionado’s dream. A small spoiler on the vehicle's rear doubles as a golf bag holder, where the bags are secured at an angle to make club selection and replacement a breeze.  

Two bags are secured at an angle that makes it easy to select and replace clubs.
Courtesy of Daimler

Other amenities include a refrigerator under the bench seat (you know, to chill your martinis), a stowage tray under the dashboard to store balls and plenty of cup holders on both the instrument panel and passenger side.

Tech-savvy players will appreciate the inclusion of an integrated high-resolution touchpad, which is capable of conveying information like the vehicle’s speed, power consumption or parking brake status. You also can activate a course layout display or an electronic scorecard.

A high-resolution touchpad controls everything from the golf car's functions to electronic scoring.
Courtesy of Daimler

To top it off, a Bluetooth connection and speaker system enable passengers to listen to music streamed from their smartphones. With a top speed of 30 km/hour (approximately 19 mph), the golf car is street-legal and can travel up to 80 km (nearly 50 miles) on a single six-hour charge.

Want one? Sorry, you’ll have to wait. Mercedes-Benz is planning on integrating market feedback into the final version of the car before the start of the sale period, which the company expects will begin sometime next year. 

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