A New Wine Club Delivers Vintages Selected Just for You 

Photo: Left Coast Marketing/ Courtesy Firstleaf

Move over, custom golf clubs, here come custom wines -- handpicked for your palate by a new wine club called Firstleaf.

A chardonnay as smooth as Fred Couples’ backswing.

A cabernet as oaky as a drive into the trees.

No matter what you look for in a wine, a new wine club is looking out for you. It’s called Firstleaf, and like Augusta National, it offers access to a world of refinement. Unlike Augusta, anyone can join.

It works like this.

Sign up online, and click through a few simple survey questions to help create a profile of the kinds of wines you like. 

Based on your preferences, Firstleaf’s in-house sommeliers put together a three-bottle sample kit for your approval. If you become a regular customer, you'll receive a shipment of six wines every two months. You can also rate each wine. Each time you do, Firstleaf gets a clearer sense of your leanings and fine-tunes its selections. Think of it as Pandora for wine.

By sourcing directly from acclaimed producers, Firstleaf cuts out the middle-man and passes on the savings. The six-packs are $79, or up to 60 percent off retail price.

You get to pick the date, time and frequency of delivery. And if you aren’t fully satisfied with any bottle, you can ask for a full refund.

The goal is to give you what you love at a great value.

A pinot grigio as crisp as Jordan Spieth’s ball-striking.

A syrah as shapely as the fairways at St. Andrews.

A zinfandel as . . .

Well, you get the idea.

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