Golf club shipping has gotten considerably more advanced and reliable over the years.
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By Josh Sens
Tuesday, October 13, 2015

They call it luggage because you have to lug it. Unless the airlines lose it. After charging a hefty excess baggage fee. No wonder the rise of golf club shipping and rental services, which spare you the hazards and headaches of hauling your own sticks around. Here are seven outfits that aim to ease your mind by lightening your load.


Here’s how it works: pack your sticks in a golf travel bag, hard case or box, print out a Ship Sticks label and slap it on. Company couriers handle the rest. Starting from as little as $39, they’ll pick up and deliver almost anywhere: home, office, golf course, hotel. But you still have to hit the shots.


Hong Kong. Scotland. Spain. New Zealand. This luggage shipping service will deliver your sticks to virtually any country where golf is played, with a $500 on-time delivery guarantee. Rates vary depending on the destination and speed of service, but if you find a cheaper price, the company promises to match it, and will give you $25 toward your next shipment, too.


On the upside, the company offers door-to-door delivery anywhere in the continental United States, with prices starting as low as $44. On the downside, there are no Saturday, Sunday or holiday deliveries. Overseas service starts at $129 for one-way shipping, with delivery within 5 to 7 business days.


No one seems to understand the FedEx Cup standings. But FedEx golf club shipping is simple to grasp. You can pack your clubs in a hard case yourself and drop them off at one of 1,800-plus FedEx locations. Or pay a service fee, and FedEx will pack them for you in a box designed specifically for sticks. Rates vary but if you wanted to ship your sticks tomorrow from New York to Pebble Beach, you’d be looking at $95 for five-day ground service, and $413 for standard overnight.


Lee Westwood, Louis Oosthuizen and Jeev Milkha Singh all ship their clubs around the world with UPS. Then again, UPS is their sponsor. Assuming that you haven’t inked a corporate deal, you’ll have to bring your clubs to a UPS store, where you can pay them to do the packing for you. Or they can just sell you the box, bubble cushioning and tape. Because the stores are individually owned and operated, the price of packing varies. So do the shipping costs.


This Dublin, Ireland-based club rental service does the bulk of its business in continental Europe, Great Britain and Ireland. But it entered the U.S. market this past summer, and this November, it will expand into the Dominican Republic and Madeira, stretching its reach to 26 destinations worldwide. The company’s inventory includes a range of the latest, greatest brands, TaylorMade and Callaway most prominent among them. You select your sticks, and a Clubstohire rep greets you with them at the airport, your nametag attached to the bag. Rates start at about $100 per week.


This club rental service offers TaylorMade clubs only, but they’re the latest models, and the company limits the number of times sets can be rented, so you won’t be playing with scuffed-up sticks. Deliveries are limited to courses, hotels and FedEx offices in the United States, with rates starting at $18 per day, based on a week-long rental.

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