Improve Your Rotation
Improve Your Rotation
Hours spent working at a desk can limit your ability to turn in your golf swing. Roger Fredericks has some tips for making a full turn -- and for improving your lifestyle. Watch this video, or visit for personalized posture and fitness instruction. Go to Video»


Pro Golfers And The Sports They Love
Golfers Playing Other Sports
Don't believe that golfers are athletes? We found photos of Arnold Palmer bowling, Adam Scott surfing [pictured in 2008], and Tiger Woods playing hockey (sort of). Check out 'Pro Golfers And The Sports They Love.'


How to fix your Under Posture
Fix Your 'Under Posture'
If you spend a lot of time sitting down, you may have a problem with 'Under Posture' in your golf swing. Roger Fredericks explains how to fix it.

More Fitness Tips

Breathe For Better Posture
Breathe For Better Posture
The best thing about breathing correctly is that it can improve your posture without your having to perform a single stretch.
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