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What Jason Day Would Tell His 12-Year-Old Self

Behind the Scenes with Jason Day
A sneak peak at the behind the scenes footage from the GOLF magazine November cover shoot with 2015 PGA Championship winner Jason Day.

If you’ve ever wanted to peer into Jason Day’s mind, motivations, triumphs, and struggles, a new essay that he wrote for The Players’ Tribune called “Letter to My Younger Self” can offer some insight.

The Australian golfer’s message to his 12-year-old self is a heartfelt and moving piece that encourages the young Day to keep his chin up despite the recent death of his father. Day praises his mentors and family for helping to get where he is today, and credits his mother with pushing him to play golf again after the tragedy of losing his dad. “Gifts aren’t meant to be wasted,” he writes. “Not even on grief.”

Mostly, Day tries to convince a disbelieving younger version of himself that he will succeed beyond his grandest dreams, and that he’ll be able to forge ahead even though, at 12, things were hard. The essay ends on a positive note: “From the top of the mountain, the view’s pretty clear.”

A Conversation With Jason Day
GOLF magazine Executive Editor Connell Barrett sits down with 2015 PGA Championship winner Jason Day, the subject of the magazine's November Issue.


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