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Tom Brady Compares Throwing Motion to Golf Swing

Spinning: Tom Brady Loves Golf Analogies
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a very good golfer, but he might be even better at comparing hit passes to hitting different golf clubs.

Tom Brady's New England Patriots are 8-0 after a 27-10 victory over the Washington Redskins Sunday. Brady is also a single-digit handicap. Apparently, the two are not mutually exclusive.

Last Wednesday, Brady was asked about about his impressive accuracy on deep throws this season. He compared the mechanics of throwing a football to those of a golf swing.

"And as far as the mechanics, I’ve really tried to work on those," Brady said. "A lot of them are probably pretty much the same whether it's a 5-yard pass or it's a 50-yard pass. The mechanics of the throw are very similar. It would be like hitting a wedge or a driver. It’s the same swing. One is just, you know, there’s just a little nuance to it that may be a little different. So I haven’t hit the driver as well as I probably hit the wedges, but if I can hit the driver a little better, it would make things a little bit easier on our team."

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Classic Brady. The reigning Super Bowl MVP describes his performance in a way that makes it sound about as easy as possible, then acknowledges that there’s still room for improvement.

Earlier this year, Brady showed off his golf skills in a match against Keegan Bradley, eventually beating the major champion 6&5 (he was getting 12 shots). And that was two weeks after he played Augusta National with Rory McIlroy. But even during the season, golf is on Brady's mind.

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