A plane passes across the moon during the third round of the Omega Dubai Desert Classic on the Majlis Course at the Emirates Golf Club.
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Monday, May 02, 2016

If you're planning to attend a PGA Tour World Golf Championships event in the near future, you might get a chance to try playing golf in an otherworldly environment.

Dell announced that is has created a virtual reality experience that allows you to feel like you're playing golf on the moon, a la Apollo 14's Alan Shepard, who famously took an unearthly swing inĀ 1971.

The game is called Lunar Golf: The Future of Golf Experience. Dell collaborated with HTC Vive and VR company Oculus Rift to put together the headset-driven encounter, which unfolds inside an inflatable dome. Players take a ride in a lunar rover, choose a golf club, and take a swing into space.

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