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Twitter Reacts to Spencer Levin's Epic Meltdown at Oakmont

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Sports psychologist Dr. Bob Rotella talks about how patience, discipline and overall mental game strength is what will win the U.S. Open at Oakmont.

OAKMONT, Pa. — The U.S. Open and Oakmont Country Club are true tests, and when combined they can become one colossal struggle.

Nothing better exemplifies that than Spencer Levin, a 32-year-old PGA Tour player who basically went nuts when he hit a bad shot on the seventh hole of his second round on Friday. You could see the anger building as he watched the shot, and afterwards he decided to bash his club into the Oakmont rough. It was intense.

Anyway, as always, Twitter had a fun time with Levin's meltdown. You can read what the social media world thought of the outburst below.

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