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Rickie Fowler Hangs Out with Justin Bieber on Fourth of July

Photo: Robert Beck For Sports Illustrated

Rickie Fowler spent some of his July Fourth celebration hanging out with Justin Bieber.

The SB2K16 posse was it again on Monday to celebrate the Fourth of July, and the best part of their mini-reunion was probably Rickie Fowler's newest bro-tastic t-shirt, which read "Land of the Beer, Home of the Babes."

Fowler also wished fans a Happy Fourth in a video message posted on Snapchat featuring him alongside Canadian pop star Justin Bieber, who was literally wearing rose-colored glasses.

Justin Bieber fan sites from around the world were quick to re-post the video from Fowler. One fan wrote: "Just watched a snap story that included both Rickie Fowler and Justin Bieber. I can now die happy."


Appreciate why we get to celebrate this day Happy 4th!!

A photo posted by Rickie Fowler (@rickiefowler) on Jul 4, 2016 at 1:33pm PDT

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