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Patriots' Kicker Stephen Gostkowski Compares Kicking Field Goals to Golf

Spinning: Tom Brady Loves Golf Analogies
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a very good golfer, but he might be even better at comparing hit passes to hitting different golf clubs.

The New England Patriots have golf on the brain.

Less than a week after Tom Brady compared throwing a deep ball to hitting a driver and throwing a short pass to hitting a wedge shot, his teammate Stephen Gostkowski said much of the same for kicking field goals.

Spreaking on SiriusXM PGA Tour Radio late last week, Gostkowski said "a lot of it has to do with tempo and rhythm as far as the swing of the club and the swing of your leg ... When it’s breezy, swing easy. I feel like that applies to golf and kicking field goals."

Whatever it is, it's working for the 9-0 Patriots squad. Gostkowski was a key figure in Sunday's road victory over the New York Giants, splitting the uprights from 54 yards out late in the game to preserve the Patriots' undefeated record.

You can listen to the rest of Gostkowski’s golf thoughts below.

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