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Natalie Gulbis Talks Boobs, Swings, and Caitlyn Jenner with TMZ

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One of the biggest worries for Caitlyn Jenner after her transition to a female? Wondering if her golf swing might be affected by her new breasts, according to a TMZ reporter, who took it upon himself to accost LPGA star Natalie Gulbis at the airport baggage claim with a series of boob-related golf questions.

The interview begins with Gulbis being asked to confirm if she’s “very bosomy” and devolves from there into a discussion of whether female golfers are better off without DDs. For her part, Gulbis took it all in stride, laughing as she goes to pick up her golf clubs after a flight from New York.

Final word: while she doesn’t have an opinion on Caitlyn Jenner’s chest size, Gulbis thinks Jenner’s swing is on point, calling it “perfect.”

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