Weeks Park Golf Club in Texas had some unexpected damage to the 15th hole this week.
Anna Garcia via Twitter
Thursday, May 19, 2016

Greenskeepers already know to keep an eye out for stampeding animals, drunk patrons and determined vandals when it comes to ensuring the safety and sanctity of a golf course's condition. But what about lightning? A Texas golf course's greens were damaged this week when lightning struck the ground with such force that the grass died in a large radiating pattern around it. 

The head club pro told the Weather Channel that at first they weren't sure what had caused the strange, branching pattern—but an online search for lightning strike photos revealed the connection between the late-night thunderstorms and the damage. The Weather Channel advises people to seek shelter immediately in a storm as "there are no safe places outdoors" if you can hear thunder. That goes double for golfers, as golf courses are often wide-open and unprotected areas.

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