Kyle Reifers must have happy sponsors after he got so much airtime Sunday at Colonial.
Tom Pennington/Getty Images
By Peter Bukowski
Sunday, May 29, 2016

You couldn't miss Jordan Spieth at Colonial, in his hometown of Dallas. Huge galleries trailed him everywhere he went. You couldn't miss Kyle Reifers, either. Not because of his following but because of his shirt. 

Reifers sported massive logos -- like, NASCAR massive -- for Chef's Cut beef jerkey, tech consulting firm NV5, and another company on his sleeve that we couldn't quite make out. Reifers also wore a bold Black Clover hat, which was, well, black and must have been pretty toasty in the Texas sun. 

The really good news for Reifers' sponsors? He shot a 68 in the final round at Colonial and finished 5th, which meant mucho airtime and a healthy amount of social-media snark for him and his not-so-subtle shirt.


Ralph Lauer/Getty Images

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