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Justin Bieber Teaches Bubba Watson's Son to Play the Drums

Dash Day, Caleb Watson or Austin Snedeker? Who Has the Best Swing?
Who has the better swing between future PGA Tour stars Dash Day, Caleb Watson and Austin Snedeker? Let's go to the tape.

Bubba Watson's son Caleb has long been a star of his father's social media feeds -- but on Wednesday Bubba upped the Twitter-ante with a shot of his adorable kid learning to play the drums with Justin Bieber, who is fresh off a win at the Grammys.

Recently, we've seen Caleb playing with a toy truck at Pebble Beach while a deer watches in the background; sporting the most iconic green jacket in golf with the hashtag #MastersJacketSelfie; and working on his swing during dad's practice time.

Check out the photos below.

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