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Jordan Spieth Hangs Out with Steph Curry Before Warriors Game

Lydia Ko Duels Steph Curry at Warriors Practice
LPGA sensation Lydia Ko met NBA superstar Steph Curry at a Golden State Warriors shootaround — and a putting contest broke out. 

Jordan Spieth really is on top of the world. 

On Friday night, he further confirmed his superstar status by hanging out with the NBA's greatest player, Steph Curry, when the Warriors came to Dallas to play Spieth's Mavericks. They spoke pre-game and saw each other afterwards for a photo. They apparently discussed golf, as Curry's caption said he negotiated five shots from Spieth the next time they play.

"Solid win tonight in Dallas. Finally got to chop it up with my #UA family@JordanSpieth. Inspiring guy! We agreed on 5 shots when we get to play this summer. He's definitely shorting me but it's all good. #IWill"


It wasn't all good for Spieth on Friday night. Curry didn't see him as he jogged out of the tunnel for his pre-game warmup and left Spieth hanging! 


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