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Jordan Spieth Aids Tom Brady on the Course, With a Joke

Photo: Facebook.com/TomBrady

When Tom Brady comes calling on the golf course, he might mean it more literally than Jordan Spieth thought.

Hey Jordan Spieth, Tom Brady needs your help on the course.

Brady found the woods recently on the golf course and went to Facebook looking for some help from the No. 2 player in the world. It must be nice to have that kind of pull. "Hey Spieth, how do we make this son of a gun turn???" Brady posted with a struggle-filled video from the tree-lined course.

Spieth came to the aid of his quarterbacking and fellow Under Armour buddy, but in joking fashion. "Need to use your arm buddy!!!" Spieth replied. If that doesn't work for you, Tom, feel free to check out videos here at GOLF.com. We won’t make any jokes about it, either.

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